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Here are some of the various commissions and art pieces I've gotten of Thereth! Art is all copyright the respective artists and me. Please do not use without my permission (unless you're the artist obviously).


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Miscellaneous Thereth Facts.
To be updated randomly. Last update: 01/02/16
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Player Information
Name: Molly
Age: yep!
Contact: plurk at [ profile] marvelousmith
Current characters: none yet!

Character Information
Name: Thereth Stonehoof
Series: World of Warcraft (OC)
Appearance: moo
Age: 26
Canon Point: in the middle of the Mists of Pandaria expansion
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Hello, this is Thereth. Please leave me a message, and I will call you back when I can.

[text/audio/video acceptable]


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All entries before this one are for Thereth's old game [community profile] demeleier. They no longer apply for future games!
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[All around town today are three plant-lovers (and one ghoul, who is helping carry things) with panes of glass and slabs of wood and tools. Leading them is the tauren death knight, who stops at every occupied croft to ask if the owners want to help with the food situation and grow a little winter garden of their own. Around lunchtime they stop for a break and Thereth actually explains what's going on over the network.]

The greenhouse that we have has given us much. But we need more space in order to feed everyone and grow different crops. A cold frame is like a miniature greenhouse - it allows the plants to keep warm during the early winter. It is easy to care for and install. Jalyt and Viktor and I are coming around to build them, if you would like one.

Planting and growing one's own food is very rewarding. I recommend it to everyone.


I have also been thinking of taking over Valeria's old croft. It also has a greenhouse attached. [A pause.] The last I spoke with her, I was cruel, under the influence of the fae.

[Another pause. She feels bad about it. Dante, too...but what can she do about it now? They're gone. She sighs a little, wistful.]

I would honor her wishes to help this community by making sure we all have enough food. It is the least that I can do, for an old friend now gone.

[ooc: please feel free to respond over the communicator or meet up with Thereth and co. in person! Jalyt and Viktor will be around in this post too, being awesome! The short info post about the cold frames is here, and it should be possible to get any type of seed (Thereth has recommendations if your character has no ideas). Have fun!]
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[Minako should be proud. Thereth's date with Rubi was just what she needed to get rid of that lob on her. Through Rubi's iron, not his charm. Although he was very charming also. Anyway, her voice is back to that low gentle tone, quiet and soft and a just a little sheepish at her recent behavior. ]

I have not been myself lately.....please forgive me. I was under the influence of one of the fae.

[You can't see, but she's bowing her head.]

I received help from a young man named Rubi. [And briefly to Rubi himself: ] Thank you, dear.

[There's a silence before she speaks up again.]

I am going to write to the Korreds about a larger greenhouse. If there is someone here who can keep it heated, then that is what we will do; if not, perhaps they can construct something for us. I can also help people make cold frames. We still have a little time to prepare for winter.

For those I have not met...I am Thereth. I care for the greenhouse connected to the inn. If you are interested in plants, we could always use more hands.
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[Come Wednesday morning, you may find that there is someone knocking on your door, or stopping you while you are outside. A pull of cloth by a little hand, or a small voice squeaking at you to wait, please, or asking if anyone is home, and in front of you stands

a tiny cow.

She seems surprisingly polite, and blinks her big brown eyes at you as she says:

I'm looking for my sister, please.

[ooc: YEAH BACKDATING FOR THE EVENT YEAH. I will be getting to the tags on Thereth's previous post soon as well. Apologies for the wait; I got sick. 8( But for now, cows!]
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They are having the Harvest Festival in Ogrimmar now. We do not have enough supplies to partake.

[There's some shuffling on the other end of the feed, a scraping of hoof against dirt. For a few moments, she says nothing; when she continues, her voice is disgruntled, frustrated.]

We should have expanded the greenhouse while we had the chance. I should have expanded it. [A sigh that's half a huff, and another silence.]

If there are any here who have nature magic, your assistance would be appreciated. Anything that can be done to increase our stores.

[And one more huff, just for good measure.]

...I have failed to provide for you.

Forgive me.


ooc greenhouse info here!
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[The communicator turns on as it is bumped against something - likely the door, since there's the sound of it shutting a few moments after the feed begins. Thereth's voice sounds muffled, as though the device is in a pocket. (Spoilers, it is.)]

When you have the time, Duibhin, the mageroyal is still upset from last month. It needs a bit more magic, I think, so if you....

[She trails off, into slightly confused and lonely silence. She'd been making a bit of noise with things - setting her pack down, getting her shoes (which are more like leg warmers but whatever) off, etc - and now all that goes quiet.]

Duibhin? ...You should be here by now. Shouldn't you?

[There's a silence; she seems to be waiting for a response. There isn't any. She's alone in the croft. Her voice sounds a little sad, a little fond.]

Please don't tell me you've been kidnapped again, little one. [The feed cuts out momentarily as she fishes the communicator out of her pocket, and then she's no longer talking through cloth and instead addressing the network directly.]

Duibhin? Please come home....

[A creeping frown comes into her tone...]
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[Hello, everyone. Did you remember that Thereth has a zombie pet? Well, now you do, because here he is on the feed. He's holding a white shirt in his claw-hands, and appears to be...sniffing it. Very intently.

Thereth is off to the side, in her armor, watching him. Anyone who is very familiar with the housing in Demeleier might notice that they're outside Valeria's croft. Other than the shirt-sniffing zombie, nothing seems out of the ordinary...except that Thereth is supposed to be on patrol. Yet she remains sitting there, with the ghoul, for a few minutes. Finally she rises.

Here. [She extends a hand to the ghoul, and it obediently gives the shirt to her, then begins to sniff the air, as though looking for the trail of a scent. The tauren turns to get her communicator, and notices that it's on. She looks at the camera without humor.]

Valeria did not show up for our Watch shift. She is not home, and I cannot reach her.

[She takes the device in one large hand and turns away, to follow the sniffing zombie, as the feed cuts out.]
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[locked to Watch members]

The creature we are hunting is called Black Annis. I have been told that she resists that which the other fae shy away from. "She will take and not give back and suffer no consequences".

Before we can continue, we must find a way to negate this aspect of hers.

I am able to silence a foe, to prevent any somatic magic from being used...but I am not sure if this will be enough. I was told not to go alone.

[Alright, guys, the plan. What is it.]
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I would like to request your assistance concerning an encounter between one of ours and the fae.


I hope that everyone is alright. [Her low voice is gentle and motherly. Although slightly hesitant. It's hard to be alright after that, isn't it? After a pause, she adds: ]

I have often found comfort in nature. And a friend to lend an ear is always a gift. If you need to, you may come to the greenhouse and speak with me.

[It's okay, babbies....] fact, we have other visitors here.

[The video turns on to show a row of potted plants. And at the last one, a small creature just darting out of sight.]


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